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Thermostatically Controlled Roof Vents

Introducing the revolutionary Heat Dispersal System from Advantec. One of the premier roof ventilation systems on the market, the HDS has been devised, developed and fully manufactured and can help you save cooling costs tremendously.

Roof Vent Problems

The largest expense attributed to keeping your home cool is the continuous cooling of the hot air sourced from your roof space. Homes and buildings are built with better insulation than ever before and retain heat extremely well. Obviously this is crucial in the winter months and allows you to save on your heating bills, but a well-insulated building can be equally difficult to keep cool in the summertime.

Roof Vent Solutions

The HDS is designed to disperse hot air out of your home, which makes cooling it much more efficient. The space between the roof and ceiling retains high levels of heat (up to 70 degrees) because it is highly insulated, and this has a huge effect on the rest of the home. Thermostatically controlled and fitting conveniently into your roof space, the HDS vent system works to keep the temperature in the roof space to below 28 degrees. This makes your home more comfortable and cool and reduces your energy consumption significantly.

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“Increasing temperatures within your roof space requires a HDS to reduce your Energy Bills”

Who We Are

Advantec is a manufacturer and supplier of various residential and commercial ventilation products designed to improve venting efficiency at home and in the workplace. Based in Victoria, Australia, we specialise in agricultural and residential equipment and pride ourselves on the innovations we design and supply.

The Heat Dispersal System is a revolutionary product that we supply all over Australia and New Zealand. We have a competitive advantage over other vent suppliers in the industry and feedback from our clients has been excellent. Call us 1800 121 611 to find out more information about the HDS.