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How Roof Ventilation System Works to Keep Your Home Cool
Posted on Friday, 2th January, 2015 at 5:31 PM 0 Comment

Roof Ventilation System

The price of gas and electricity is on the rise for last five years in Australia, and with most people looking to save money on their overall household bills, a new system of energy-efficient home ventilation is available for everyone to reap the rewards. Being able to regulate the temperature of your home means your energy costs may start to tumble, and here’s why.

Roof ventilation or Home Dispersal Systems (HDS) work on the principal of dispersing heat from your roof space in a simple way to allow your home to stay cool and well ventilated. As modern homes are better insulated than those constructed in the past, hot air is trapped inside. You may have noticed that the upstairs of your home is always hotter than the ground floor: this is because heat rises.

Extract Hot Air from Your Roof Space

As the heat that is contained in your home rises, it gathers in your roof space where it cannot escape. The average temperature of a well-insulated roof space is around 70 degrees - certainly not a comfortable temperature for any home. With a roof ventilation system, this build-up of hot air is extracted from the roof space and vented outside to help keep the temperatures cool and comfortable.

The best HDS systems are thermostatically controlled to allow this extraction of hot air to be regulated automatically. With a temperature sensor in the roof space, the system switches on the extraction fan process when the temperature reached 40 degrees, with the cooling effect immediately kicking into action.

Thermostatically Controlled Cooling Process

An automatic, thermostatically controlled system such as that used in a roof ventilation system will allow your home to stay cool, without any need of your attention. When the temperature cools to a comfortable level, the extraction process shuts down, saving energy and consuming far less electricity than any other air conditioning system.

During the summer months, extremely high temperatures from the sun are absorbed by the roof in your home, creating a continually heating roof space that can cause uncomfortably hot areas around your home. Many people use air conditioning to counteract this heating process, but in doing so waste thousands of dollars per year in electricity costs.

HDS: A smarter Home Cooling System

With a smart system, these costs can dramatically fall due to the way the system can switch itself on only when it is needed, and off when the ambient temperature in your roof space is at a comfortable level. This smart system is called thermostatic control, and uses a number of temperature sensors to detect the ambient temperature of the roof space in your home.

Switching is done automatically, and with little to no maintenance needed when compared to other air conditioning or heat dispersal systems around the home, the roof ventilation system provided by HDS Advantec is both very affordable and highly ecological. Take advantage of the latest innovations in heat dispersal around the home with a roof ventilation system that will keep you cool and comfortable all summer long!

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