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5 Best Attic Room Ideas that can Improve your Life Style
Posted on Tuesday, 17th February, 2015 at 11:29 AM 0 Comment

We all have places around the home that we don’t use as much as we should. These places go ignored despite their potential to completely change the way you think about your home. Whether you want a little more space to store things, or change the way your rooms are arranged, these top 5 attic space ideas are guaranteed to bring your home a new lease of life.


1) Attic Office Conversion

One of the best ways to increase the use of your spare space in the attic has to be to renovate your loft space into a home office. Not only will this give you and your family a chance to use a single place for printing documents, doing homework or doing your tax returns, you will be open up your ability to work from home.

Attic Office Conversion

Depending on how many people are going to be using your home office, you can choose your desks and storage options accordingly. Multiple surfaces are a great option here as, depending on your attic space, size may be at a premium. Due to slanted ceilings, you will want to opt for filing cabinets and not shelves.

2) The Attic Theater

Whilst the majority of homes have a single living area where everyone can sit down to watch the television, in houses with living rooms that open up to kitchens and dining areas, creating as cosy environment for the whole family to enjoy a movie may be difficult. This is where creating a separate, dedicated entertainment area will win over the whole family.

The Attic Theater

Being one of the best attic space ideas for those on a budget, all you need to create your own entertainment centre is a large screen television, and a sofa or two with extra comfy seats. You can build on this by adding surround sound speakers, games and even a mini fridge to store your popcorn and snacks during films.

3) Attic Rooms for Kids

Many children these days grow up in houses with multiple bedrooms that they enjoy to themselves. When you have more than one child, it is always a good idea to create a single room for them to play in where they can then retire to their bedrooms without the distraction of all of their games. Nurseries were a popular place in the house in the early 19th century and they are coming back into style.

Attic Rooms for Kids

You can easily turn your attic space into a nursery with the inclusion of a few simple items. No matter what your taste is, you cannot go wrong with a few large bookshelves, large toy storage units and an entertainment station for your children’s computer games and toys.

4) Convert Attic to Living Space

Every home can benefit from converting their attic space into a second living room. Having a second living room space can allow you to use just one of them for guests and special occasions, while leaving the other for a cosy, family recreation room.

Convert Attic to Living Space

Think of adding big fluffy rugs, comfy sofas and chairs for all of the family to enjoy, and you might find that this little retreat in your loft quickly becomes the most favourite place to hang out after a long day.

5) Attic Game Room

With everyone in the house seemingly having their own room and own space to do their favourite things, why not convert your attic space into a specialist room for you and your hobbies. One of the best attic space ideas has to be creating a place in your house for expression and fun, so think art and painting rooms, games room and much more.

Attic Game Room

Many people have converted their attic space into a recording studio, arts and crafts room and even contemplation lounges – the only limit is your imagination!

No matter what type of room that you choose to turn your attic space into, you should always ensure that your attic space is well ventilated. Being the room that seems to absorb most of the heat from outside, and attract all of the heat from the house, look into roof ventilation systems that are made specially to keep your attic space cool during the summer and warm during the winter.

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