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Commercial & Industrial Roof Ventilation

Advantec’s commercial ventilation systems have the effect of helping reduce energy costs and lessening companies’ impact on the environment. While we specialise in homes, we are able to install the HDS into certain commercial dwellings, provided there is enough space between the roof and ceiling. Often small offices and other buildings can accomodate the system. We are committed to the quality of our product and categorically guarantee you’ll save on your cooling costs! Find out how the system works here.

Energy Efficient Commercial Vents

Quality commercial roof vents not only saves you money on energy costs, but it enables you to cool your building more quickly and more easily. Studies show that when working in 30 degree heat, worker productivity can fall away by 9% and decreases exponentially as the temperature increases. Installing a roof ventilation system can help you create a cool, comfortable working environment and make your air conditioning much more effective.

Reduce Greenhouse Gasses

As a commercial business owner, you understand the importance of environmentally friendly methods of production. Doing so has a real effect on your overall output (as green methods are generally less wasteful) and helps to improve the wellbeing of our planet for future generations.

The HDS reduces carbon emissions considerably by reducing the amount of heat that is retained within your working space. Coolers and air conditioners do not need to work as hard to produce the same level of comfort in your working space.

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