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Home Ventilation System

The Advantec range of home ventilation systems help you keep your living space cool on those piping hot Australian days. Your home is a place you and your family should feel relaxed and comfortable, regardless of the weather outside.

Heating and air conditioning go a long way in ensuring our comfort inside the house, but they are all the more efficient with effective ventilation. Advantec have developed an innovative heat dispersing system that helps to maintain the ideal temperature in the roof space of your home. In excessively hot weather, keeping the space between the roof and ceiling cool enables you to keep the temperature in the living area at a much more comfortable level!

When it’s cold, you obviously want your home to retain heat, so you don’t want to be cooling your roof space all the time. The HDS operates like a computer and turns itself on only when the temperature in the roof reaches 40 degrees, which is generally the case in hot weather.

With Advantec’s HDS you can improve your home’s ability to cool itself and reduce your energy costs too! Contact one of our consultants today for more information by calling 1800 121 611.